AIS Art Sails Project

HIghlighting aquatic invasive species issues and environmental change through sails, art, and diverse voices.

Submittal Form

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Raising sails, issues, and voices

This art installation intends to create long lasting & widespread awareness regarding aquatic invasive species on Lake Minnetonka and in the surrounding community. It will create 5 unique sets of sails that highlight AIS issues – featuring artwork by local and diverse artists – to be initially unveiled at Wayzata Art Experience. Our intention is to highlight native, local, or underrepresented voices as part of the project, adding gravity to an issue that has had a major effect on Lake Minnetonka and the many that value it. We hope to connect conversations around AIS with generations of lake users, creating a broader connection to our lake for all participants and viewers.


  • Generate graphically stunning local media interest around AIS
  • Use diverse and underrepresented voices to form a complete picture of lake useage, history, and connection
  • Attractive long term advertising for AIS issues through regular display and use by Wayzata Sailing
  • Connect the sailing community with its increased impact and potential for AIS transportation/spread
  • Connect local residents with both AIS issues and historical context of Lake Minnetonka I Wayzata area.

From submittals, five finalists will be selected to to create a set of sails representing an AIS issue, be provided with materials (set of sails, inks, & rollers) and an artist stipend of $2000 each. A full media campaign with photography funding is planned including local media outlets, professional photography, and unveiling at Wayzata Art Experience.

We look forward to your partnership on highlighting these important issues and bringing diverse voices and artists to the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

**Note: Our staff member helping us on the project is Anishinaabe Ojibwae, and through our learnings together we’ve found that the Dakota have a stronger connection to our lake. We would appreciate any leadership, help, support, or presence from the Dakota community. We do not have the same leads within this community and need your help to make the connection strong. Please email if you can assist**