The friends and supporters of Wayzata Sailing have united with members of the local community to build a true community sailing facility. Our program has swelled to serve thousands year. Focused on diversity, access, and inclusion. We need your financial support to fulfill our mission of providing “sailing for everyone”.

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The future of the Wayzata Community Sailing Center depends on your generous contributions. We can create a community center which offers programs that increase the understanding, and appreciation of sailing, the environment, and our lake — a truely balanced lakeshore learning center.

Mike Plant
Community Boathouse

Wayzata Community Sailing’s new facility will shelter the organization for generations of sailors to come. Our legacy in the community has been built upon the efforts of many, particularly the Plant Family.

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Legacy Campaign Sponsors

Contributors of $100,000 or more.

Denny Sanford

“As a sailor and former Commodore of Wayzata Yacht Club, I welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Wayzata Sailing Foundation in 2007. Currently operating under the name Wayzata Community Sailing Center, this is a place with a commitment of helping everyone enjoy the sport of sailing.

Regardless of skill, sailors at WCSC learn team work and leadership. The program is nothing short of inspiring. Knowing the life lessons sailing can teach, I know WCSC does excellent work teaching responsibility, ethical sportsmanship and environmental stewardship.

I am further gratified that, as a result of my gift, over 4,500 children and adults have learned to sail. Every student in this hands-on program enjoys camaraderie and the beauty of Lake Minnetonka. Many young people from around the region and adults with disabilities in our outreach programs have experienced Lake Minnetonka for the first time. Remarkable!

I’ve seen firsthand that these experiences change lives. I sincerely hope you will join me and be generous in your contributions to the Wayzata Community Sailing Center.”

Denny Sanford

Barbara G. Koch

“Growing up on Lake Minnetonka throughout my teenage years, offered me the joyful opportunity of learning to sail! Besides the fun, camaraderie and peace it offered, sailing taught me lots of life lessons; not only the skills needed to be a good and safe sailor but educated me in the guidelines and regulations involved with sailing, from respecting the “tides” of nature itself as well as the responsibilities and courtesies needed to share the beautiful space with other skippers on the waters.

Wayzata is privileged to have the Wayzata Community Sailing Center in our midst. I am happy to contribute in some way so the next generation, both young and old can enjoy this special sports activity!”

-Babs Koch