Wayzata Sailing

From grassroots to industry leader, Wayzata Sailing began as a humble club program fostered by a singular drive of inclusivity.

Early Days

Spring 1981- 1984
A group of WYC parents purchased El Toro prams to teach children to sail

1985 to 2000
Several efforts by WYC parents to create group lessons for their children

July 27, 2000
A group of WYC members form the Wayzata Sailing Foundation with initial filing date with State of Minnesota

Donations were used to support youth for travel to important events

Beginning as a Non-Profit

August 15, 2000
Initial Board meeting establishing Wayzata Sailing Foundation (WSF) and approving Articles and By-Laws

Fall 2001

Advance ruling by IRS as a 501(c)(3), designates as a public charity

WSF made decision to work with Lake Minnetonka Sailing School (LMSS) for youth sailing and used money from donations and grants for purchase of boats and equipment to be used for youth sailing instruction

Ownership of boats and equipment remained with WSF with agreements between LMSS/WSF to train out of a shed in the WYC West Parking Lot

LMSS/WSF governing board was made up of 10 members

Wayzata Sailing School

Fall 2004
WSF hired US Sailing Hall of Fame Sailor and former director of LMSS, Cappy Capper, as its Executive Director

Spring 2005

First year of operation of Wayzata Sailing School operating out of WYC West Parking Lot & sheds.

Fall 2005
350 students have attended WSF Sailing School operating out of essentially a 3-car garage size building

“Sailing for Everyone”

Nearly 500 students sail in community programs ranging from Adaptive Sailing, Outreach Programs, High School & Collegiate competitive sailing, Summer Camps programs, and Adult programs.


WSF aquired the Rosekrans property adjacent to WYC property for use as a sailing school for around $2,000,000 by the generous donations of Denny Sanford, Gary Holmes, the Stillman Family, the Siemers Family, and other WYC members and friends.

Community Sailing Center

WSF voted to rename itself “Wayzata Community Sailing Center” to communicate greater inclusion to the entire community.

Nearly 700 sailors are active in the programs offerings of the Sailing Center hosting regattas and youth from around the world as a premier sailing venue in the US.

Mike Plant Community Boathouse

Thousands of people have been through the various programs at WCSC. The mission to provide “sailing for everyone” thrives with a seasonal staff and dedicated parent & community volunteers.

Community partnerships allow for new opportunities to engage sailors & non-sailors alike in our mission by creating new programs and education such as STEAM.

The Launch a Legacy Campaign begins to renew the effort to build a new facility to support the sailors & community of Lake Minnetonka and the surrounding suburbs.

Thanks to the efforts and donations of hundreds of individuals, ground is broken on the new Mike Plant Community Boathouse.

The MPCB opens in time for the 2019 summer with an official ribbon cutting by three generations of the Plant Family.

“I’m proud to be associated with the Wayzata Community Sailing Center, the sailors, the staff, and all those our organization inspires.” – WSF President, Rob Hunt.


For over a decade, WCSC has created programs so teach basic sailing, provide a safe & fun learning environment for youth, and coach some of the finest sailors in the US.

Our Story of Service

Giving Back

We serve people from all backgrounds and all ability levels. Our programs are supported by the community, our volunteers, and our numerous partners.

Community Partnerships

The Future

We have embarked on a “Legacy Campaign” to develop a sustainable future. We are nearly 2/3 completed in our fundraising efforts and plans to build a new facility.

What We’re Building