Welcome to the Mike Plant Community Boathouse

Opened in June 2019, the Mike Plant Community Boathouse has become our new home, offering:

  • 4,000 Square Feet of space, hosting classrooms, and office, a garage workspace, increased storage
  • Year-round public access to Lake Minnetonka through educational programs and special events, including a community space within the center
  • Programs that increase the understanding, and appreciation of sailing, the environment, and the importance of preserving the lake ecosystem—a lakeshore learning center
  • Handicap access to the building and accompanying facility for the existing adaptive sailing program and grow the numbers of individuals who can take part in the adaptive sailing program
  • A Safe and innovative facility for area high school and college teams to practice and race competitively
  • WS to further hone its programs and offerings to become a nationally recognized center for sailing excellence
  • Representation for Wayzata from the shores of Lake Minnetonka with an attractive, eco-friendly, building whose design adheres to the character and aesthetic of the original structure
  • Need a space? Contact us for use of our building! Currently we can accommodate up to groups of 15.