Summer Camps

Award winning summer day camp programs for youth 5-16, utilizing US Sailing trained instructors and curricula. Summer doesn’t get better than this! We’ll learn to sail alongside a slate of other activities to keep things light.

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Adventure & Racing

Ready for the next step? Adventure and racing courses introduce new skills and equipment that will give you the freedom to sail or compete around the world! New boats, bigger sails, and the fun that comes with moving a bit faster. Enjoy sailing for all it can be.

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As sailors we’re bound to the lake. Take your explorations further as you explore what makes Lake Minnetonka such an amazing place. Hands on lessons, amazing partners, and true explorations with licensed teaching staff.

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Outreach & Adaptive

At our core is a mission to share our sport with anyone and everyone. Nothing should keep people from sharing the feeling of empowerment and freedom that is the essence of sailing. Alongside adaptations and scholarships for our other programs, we also run individual partnership programs to ensure that sailing’s door remains open to all!

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We’re not just a junior program! Adult classes utilize certified instructors for the perfect sailing experience – from first timers to those looking to advance their racing skills. Join a class or book a private lesson.

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Group, Family, & Corporate

Bring the gang along! We love planning events and group lessons to create unique experiences for your friends and family. Bring your significant other or the entire office.

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High School & College

Sailing under the banner of your high school with a group of your peers forges friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime. We’re an alternative to the traditional competitive sports experience while retaining the ability to letter while competing both regionally and nationally with your school’s colors.

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