Adaptive Sailing Lessons

Adaptive Sailing Lessons

Sailing for all abilities!
We invite you to enjoy the magical feeling of sailing. The very nature and focus of sailing helps you to escape day-to-day concerns.

Program Cost: Varies
Registration Deadline: Rolling
Setting Sail: May
Schedule: Flexible

One of the hallmarks of the Adaptive Sailing Program is that we try to fit the needs of our clients. Some of you come to us wanting to experience sailing for the first time. Others of you have done sailing before and want to learn more. Still others just want to go sailing.

At present we do not have a fixed schedule. We will try to meet your needs and time requirements to the best of our ability.

Our offerings fall into four categories.

The Introduction involves an application and evaluative class designed to understand your abilities and your knowledge of sailing. There is also a sailing experience to observe you on the water. You must participate in Introduction to participate in classes.
Once we have established your sailing knowledge and abilities we will make recommendations as to the classes and activities you should be taking. Packages are offered to give continuity to the instruction.
For people who have developed considerable sailing skill we offer cruising or racing opportunities.
Alternatively, you may want to take a private lesson. We also offer sailing experiences to groups of people who are interested in finding out what sailing is like.

To request an application or more information send an email to


Introductory Evaluation Class 1 – 2 hour session

This is an opportunity for us to meet you and understand your abilities. There will be a written application, an interview and some physical tests. It will allow us to plan how to get you into and out of the boat and which specific adaptive equipment to fit the boat up with for you.

Prerequisite – Written application and interview

Initial Sailing Experience 2 hour session

We will take you sailing with the boat fitted up based upon the evaluation. We will observe your physical ability and your sailing knowledge level. We will make recommendations for your next steps.

Prerequisite – Introductory Evaluation Class

Sailing Packages

Sailing 101 4 x 2 ½ hour classes

You will learn sailing terms and skills. You will rig the boat, sail it, trim sails, steer, and derig the boat. At the end of the course you will be able to assist in sailing a sailboat safely.

Prerequisites – Initial Sailing Experience, recommendation of Instructor

Sailing 102 4 x 2 ½ hour classes

You will build on the skills you learned in Sailing 101. More boat parts and their uses will be introduced. You will learn how to balance the boat and make it work efficiently. You will learn some basic navigation. There is much to be learned in sailing so you may want to take this level more than once and then go on to Sailing 201.

Prerequisites – Sailing 101 and/or recommendation of Instructor

Sailing 201 4 x 2 ½ hour sessions

You will build and integrate our sailing skills through repetition. You will navigate to several parts of the lake in various wind and weather conditions. You will gather new knowledge by experience.

Prerequisites – Sailing 102 and/or recommendation of Instructor

Cruising and Racing

Cruising 4 x 4 hour sessions

You may have sailed considerably before your incident and don’t need our sailing instruction. You may have progressed through Sailing 201. In either case, you just want to go sailing. Depending upon wind strength you may sail to a number of destinations on the lake. You might go to Maynard’s for lunch or sail around Big Island.

Prerequisites – Sailing history, Introductory Evaluation Class, First Sailing Experience, and recommendation of Instructor

Learn to Race 6 x 2 ½ hour sessions Tuesday evenings 6:00 to 8:30 PM

You will build racing skills upon your sailing skills. You will improve your boat and sail handling to make the boat go as fast as possible over the shortest distance sailed. You will become an expert in particular positions on the boat and find your niche. You will learn the Racing Rules ofSailing and how they apply to various situations on the race course. You will practice against boats with both disabled and able-bodied sailors. There will be debrief sessions with an eye to improving your racing ability.

Prerequisites – Sailing 201, sailing history, and/or recommendation of Instructor

Racing Saturday mornings Leave dock at 9:00 AM, return around noon

You will race in Wayzata Yacht Club Saturday morning races in the PHRF 2 fleet using main and jib. You will compete with able-bodied sailors. There will be debrief sessions after the race.

Prerequisites – Learn to Race and recommendation of Instructor, Wayzata Yacht Club membership at Crew level

Other Offerings

Private Lesson 2-hour session

An opportunity for you to experience sailing in a one-on-one setting. It is for the person with no sailing experience who wants special attention and may have an accompanying caregiver. We will fit the boat up for you based upon an interview and have a helper crew on board to ensure safety.

Prerequisite – Interview

Group Sailing Experience 2 – 3 hour session

An opportunity for an organized group such as a camp or a class to learn the joy of sailing. We will provide a number of boats and volunteers to take members of your group out. We find that just one time sailing excites many people to want to come back for more. Truly a program enrichment activity.

Prerequisite – Application describing abilities and recommendation from organization representative

Adaptive Sailing Fees





Introductory Evaluation Class

A 1-2 hour session


Initial Sailing Experience

A 2-hour session

$20 per student

Learn to Sail Packages

Sailing 101

4 x 2 ½ hour sessions

$125 per student

Sailing 102

4 x 2 ½ hour sessions

$125 per student

Sailing 201

4 x 2 ½ hour sessions

$125 per student

Cruising and Racing


4 x 4 hour sessions

$200 per student

Single session

$75 per student

Learn to Race

6 x 2 ½ hour sessions

$200 per student


6 races

$200 per student

Other Offerings

Private Lesson

A 2 ½ hour session

$100 for individual student on boat

$150 for individual student with a caregiver

Group Sailing Experience

A 2-3 hour session

$20 per student

Scholarships are available toward any of the Sailing Packages. The nature of the schedule makes it impractical to process all scholarship requests at once so money may run out later in the season. It would help if you could request a partial scholarship.