STEM Adventure

An outdoor hands-on Science Technology Engineering and Math course for students who want to explore the lake

1 week sessions – Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m
An outdoor hands-on STEM based exploration of the lake, environment, and ecosystem around Wayzata.

Program Cost: 1 week sessions / $55 per session
Registration Deadline: Rolling
Setting Sail: June 12th, 2017
Schedule: 9:00am – 12:00pm, Monday – Friday


Who should take this course?
Sailors and non-sailors (either ages 7-11 or 11-16 depending on session) interested in getting their hands dirty and exploring another angle on sailing and adventure sports. We’ll look into what makes the world tick, move, and grow around us.

How are the classes structured?
Led by Masters of Education candidate and BS Biology graduate Andrea (Porter) Dolan, each day of the STEM Adventure will feature a new lesson element within our week’s theme. Lessons are geared towards hands-on exploration with short classroom periods and team building/games for class cohesion. We’ll have fun, get dirty, and explore the world around WCSC on and off the water.

What are this year’s themes?

Sun, Water, Weather:
We’ll do hands on activities to explore our atmosphere, weather, and the sun connect – which ultimately defines our life system around us. How does the sun drive our weather, why is our lake unique, and what the heck is coming into my lungs every time I breath? How does that change the lake? Why is it that color? Find the answers to life’s little questions!

Insects and Crawlies:
There’s a whole world of life around the lake, let’s take a look. Exploring and expecting life to see what structures and adaptations each animal has for life in its micro-environment. Ever wondered why that bug is that shape? How do insects walk on water? Where can I find a tree frog? Find out for yourself!

Plants and Atmosphere:
While we get excited about all those animals at the zoo, have you ever wondered why our plants are all so varied in shape and color? We all know plants make oxygen, but how do their structures and shapes create their own success? Why is a cattail hollow but an oak is solid? How do plants live under water if they need carbon dioxide? We’ll explore the wide world of plants and structures by looking close, comparing, and testing theories.

Science of Sailing:
Move over Huck Finn, we’re building our own! Use lessons in displacement, sail area, lashing, and physics to design and build your own sailing vessel during this one of a kind lake adventure. Working in small groups we’ll crate our own craft to get us across the lake – waste and fuel free. Are you up to the challenge?

Do I need sailing skills? What should I bring?
This is a non-sailing class; however, you should come prepared to be in and out of the lake during class, so wearing a swimsuit is a must! Also recommended: towel, change of clothes, sun protection, water shoes, and a backpack to contain the mayhem. All other materials for lessons are provided. PFDs are required when in and on the water, but will be provided for those that do not have one.