Adventure & Racing

We offer a variety of programs for intermediate to experienced sailors of 7-18 years of age to continue challenging themselves.


Opti Adventure

A half-day adventure sailing program for youth ages 7-13 focused on allowing Pram graduates to become self sufficient, enthusiastic, and adventurous sailors.

Opti Adventure Schedule

Optimist Racing

A half-day race program for youth 8-15 with dedicated coaching focusing on skill development and competition.

Optimisit Racing Schedule

Kites, Traps, Lasers

Bigger boats mean bigger adventure. This full day program for youth 10-18 helps sailors experience faster and bigger sailing equipment in an adventure setting without the competitive pressure of a race course.

Kites, Traps, Lasers Schedule

420 & Laser Racing

An advanced program focused on performance development and competitive tactics for youth sailors 10-18.

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