Dan Shinozaki
Remarkable sailor, friend, and leader amongst the youth sailing community

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Dan “Shino” Shinozaki Fund

“To put it simply, excellence is an understatement when describing the actions, abilities, and heart of this young man”

The Daniel C. Shinozaki Memorial Fund has been formed to honor the life & support the legacy of a truly remarkable sailor, friend, and leader amongst the sailing communities of Lake Minnetonka, Lake Calhoun, the University of St. Thomas, and the University of Minnesota sailing teams.

Daniel’s dedication and leadership were instrumental in forming, motivating, and evolving the University of St. Thomas Sailing Team into a competitive, respectable, family-like, and Nationally ranked sailing team. His passion for sailing was incredibly matched by his energetic & kind personality. He was a natural leader and truly positive influence on numerous children he taught at the Lake Minnetonka Sailing School. Daniel loved working with children and brought his incredible presence & kindness into teaching sailing. As many will always remember, Dan was a great friend to all those he met on and off the water.

The Memorial Fund has been formed to collect donations in memory of Dan and his truly magnificent passion for life and for sailing. Although Daniel is no longer with us, your financial contribution can help support his legacy and carry on his efforts in engaging children in the sport of sailing. The fund shall seek to provide scholarships for children within any programs of the Wayzata Community Sailing Center: Summer Camp, High School, or College Sailing. These scholarships will provide numerous children of diverse backgrounds the experience of sailing and bring them into our sailing community. As well, the fund will pursue additional opportunities to work with and co-ordinate events with the University of St. Thomas Sailing Alumni to better the current University of St. Thomas Sailing Team program and it’s future development.

About Dan Shinozaki

University of St Thomas Sailing Team Founder

Excerpt from a Excellence in Leadership Award Dan received at the University of St. Thomas for his role as team Captain:

“As co-founder and team Captain of the UST Sailing Team, Dan Shinozaki has displayed excellent leadership abilities, a remarkable skill with motivating team members, and has always presented himself in a virtuous and respectful manner. At times, it seems as if he retains more pleasure in helping others achieve their goals, than in pursuing his own sailing advancement.

When he began working with the sailing team, Dan immediately impressed that no amount of work, whether physical or intellectual, would be too much for him to undertake. By pouring a large amount of his time into learning the sport of sailing, Dan has become one of the best sailors and has led the team into a national spotlight. His superior attendance at practices, meetings, and events has raised the standard for participation among all team members and his dedication has been a testament to his passion of the sport.

In his role as team Captain, Dan has spread his spirit throughout all of the UST Sailing Team members, and has spent much of his time working to enhance the organization. With inspirational email full of spectacular photos and motivational quotes, the gigantic smile he presents when he sees a team member and his determination to help others succeed both on and off the water, Dan has proven to be an extremely vital member of the UST Sailing Team. His role on the team is certainly not simple, yet it seems like second nature to Dan as he seeks out solutions to difficult problems and shows no fear as he guides the team through situations of adversity.

To put it simply, excellence is an understatement when describing the actions, abilities, and heart of this young man.”